How to write persuasive essays like an advanced persuasive essay writer

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Writing a persuasive essay is almost like a debate. You will have to prove your point by using logics and reasons. But sometimes, it is more difficult than a debate because you need to persuade your readers not only to agree with your ideas but also to adopt it. If you need to write a persuasive essay, you can either write it yourself or can hire advanced persuasive essay writer for it.


Persuasive essays which are also known as the argument essays is an integral part of modern life. In newspaper editorials, blogs, political speeches, advertisings you will often find this type of essays. The aim of a persuasive essay is to convince or persuade its reader to agree with the writer’s idea on a particular issue. So, a persuasive essay writer should have the ability to win over his readers with the strongest arguments.

Writing a persuasive essay is not easy at all. Different men have different views. Persuading them to understand your perspective and agree to it is obviously one of the most difficult tasks. Though I can’t help you to become a great persuasive essay writer, I can provide you information on how to write one.

Steps of writing a persuasive essay

You may follow several steps to write your essay. How you will proceed is completely up to you. But, following these four steps will help you to get the best result.

First step: Pre-writing preparation

By pre-writing preparation, I mean what you need to do before starting to write your essay. You should clearly understand your position first. Are you going to write against or for that issue is the first thing you need to decide. And if you want to complete a persuasive writing assignment, read and understand the questions first and try to write them in your own way. It will help to find the facts easily when researching. In both cases, you should

  • Think about the issue first and try to understand every pros and cons.
  • Try to understand your readers. Analyze their perspective regarding that issue. If you want to persuade them you need to understand them first. For example, if they are against your view, you need to provide more solid evidence and logical reasons. But if they are neutral, persuading them will be easier.
  • Researching every detail about the issue is a must. Persuasive essays require logical reasons and specific evidence. You may not know every detail about that topic. So, you should take help from the experts.
  • Find out the key points of the opposing view and then try to find the mistakes or provide contrasting evidence. This will help you to convince your readers more easily.

And finally create a draft by focusing on the topic, audience and the purpose of your writing.

Second Step: Writing the essay

A persuasive essay generally has three parts: The introduction, the body and the conclusion.

The introduction needs to entice your reader to go through the whole essay. You may use a quotation, question, fact or strong statement as the grabber of the introduction of your essay. Some hire advanced persuasive essay writer to make their essay more effective. But you can also write on your own.

The body of the essay consists of logical arguments, examples and solid evidence. You may also quote from different sources to strengthen your argument.

When concluding your essay try to summarize the main points of your arguments and convince your readers to adopt your position.

Third step: Proof-reading your essay

After completing your essay revise it. It will help you to correct the errors and improve the style. If required modify or reorganize the facts, statistics, evidence, quotations in your essay.

Fourth step: Publishing your essay

Once you are done with your essay it’s time to share. Confidently present your paper to all and try to learn from the mistakes. Never take the criticism personally. Instead use the feedback to improve your writing next time.

You can write an advanced persuasive essay by simply following these steps. But it may be difficult to collect information or to present your logics in an effective way for. If so, you can hire an advanced persuasive essay writer for your benefit.

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